• Best Friend Equine Muzzles

    A real solution to horse health issues that require restricting food intake without having to confine your horse to a pen or stall. It's a safe & humane alternative that works with your horse's natural social grazing behavior.

    All materials are safe, lightweight, and rot resistant. Muzzles are well-ventilated to allow for better breathing. Padded noseband helps to minimize rubbing and chafing. Best Friend Muzzles are the most durable, comfortable, and safest grazing muzzle available.

  • Best Friend Equine Bareback Pads

    These pads are offered in deep, rich, saturated colors. Made of synthetic suede, which is east to care for and has a peachy finish for a better seat.

    The all feature a web handle, and slip resistant underside. All the pads also come with a slip resistant girth that has roller buckles and is adjustable on both ends.

    The western bareback pads also feature a pleated pocket on one side, and a water bottle holder on the other side with a water bottle included. Making a drink always within easy reach.