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Equine Massage: The Equine Sports Massage

In recent years, equine massage has increased awareness in America and Europe and reached other countries. It is essential for horse owners, tamers, and professional riders to know what it is and how horses can benefit from this technique. Where Does It Come From? Therapeutic Equine massage is one of the oldest therapies used by people from ancient times to the present times. Some forms of...

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Equine trail sports: 10 equine trail sports.

Horses are noble animals that lend themselves to the execution of varied sports activities thanks to their obedience and intelligence, from dressage, through polo and even horse racing. All those disciplines that include a horse –or several– are known as equine trail sports. They can be speed, jumps, with the ball, traction or casts. Find out which is the best known in the following article. What...