Best Friend Equine Supply, Inc.

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When Carol Dalton, a middle school teacher, moved to Lexington, KY, she got her first horse.  There was only one problem – she couldn’t find a bareback pad that safely stayed in place.

Being the daughter of an entrepreneur, she saw no reason why she couldn’t bring a better one to market.  She just needed a business-savvy partner. 

That’s when Carol Dalton turned to her longtime friend, Carol Vandre.  Together, they founded Best Friend Equine Supply, Inc., in 1995.

Soon thereafter, Best Friend’s slip-resistant, bareback pad became a reality. 

A lightweight, synthetic muzzle to reduce grass intake soon followed. 

Both products have become award-winners. 

Widely recommended by veterinarians and farriers and endorsed by magazines, the grazing muzzle – now available in four styles – is considered one of the bestselling products in the horse industry over the past several decades.