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Kefir diet – rules, menus, reviews

Kefir diet what is? The basic principles of the kefir diet menus for 3, 7, and 10 days. The results and actual reviews of those who have lost weight. The kefir diet is a diet; it is based on the consumption of kefir and the restriction of other foods. Kefir diet for weight loss is one of the most effective, but not everyone can do it....

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Peacock: rules and care at home

Peacock, pedigree, and home of the bird of paradise, characteristics, characteristics of behavior in nature, advice on home care, feeding, diseases, prices. Common Peacock, Blue or Indian Peacock- this magnificent representative of world animals has been known by everyone for a very long time. The stories, myths, and legends that hover over this beautiful bird are from ancient times from ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and...