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7 reasons why customers leave your shop

A customer visits your e-commerce site, fills a shopping cart, and customers leave your shop without explanation. If things seemed to be going well, why give up and walk away like that? It is common for a shop owner to feel perplexed and helpless when faced with this problem. But while over 75% of shopping carts are abandoned, a lot can be done to encourage shoppers...

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The 7 things customers want to know before buying online

Your website is like a showcase or business card for your business, with the difference (or the advantage) that it can be seen by thousands of people and not just by those who pass by your shop! We describe in this article the 7 things customers want to know before buying online. But what can you do to attract customers to your site? Ask yourself the...

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How to turn satisfied customers into promoters of your brand

What is better than a loyal customer?¬†Two loyal customers! Running a business can be challenging and make it challenging to acquire new customers and take care of the old ones. This is understandable, but don’t forget that caring for existing customer relationships can be strategic and productive because people who are happy with your products and services are usually ready to promote your business. This article...