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Create a newsletter in a few simple steps

Using the newsletter tool for marketing is always a good idea. By informing newsletter subscribers about the latest news and other interesting topics related to your business, you will make them want to check out your site and maybe buy something. In this article we have developed a 3-step plan, full of tips and tricks, to create a professional newsletter. What is a newsletter? A newsletter is...


Create a business card for your business

How to create a business card? You will have seen that it is also very useful for those who run a small business and you will have already seen some entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs distribute theirs. What would you like your business card to look like? And how to do it? There are three important elements to consider when creating a business card: the way the brand is presented,...


How to create a slogan that leaves its mark

The best sitcom characters use catchy phrases, the best companies use slogans. We are talking about short but comprehensive sentences, which communicate exactly what we need to know. An effective create a  slogan is engaging, difficult to forget, and able to perfectly summarize the essence of a company. Did we make you want to write one for your business? Read our tips on how to write a...