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Little donkeys 0

Little donkeys: features of the content

Little donkeys; history of the distribution and appearance of miniature donkeys; behavioral characteristics, diseases, care, maintenance, and use; and exciting facts. Purchase. As you know, people at critical moments of life often designate each other with the names of animals. Many people associate donkeys with qualities such as stubbornness and stupidity. It should note that such an unfair attitude of humanity toward these animals was a...

Peacock rules and care at home 0

Peacock: rules and care at home

Peacock, pedigree, and home of the bird of paradise, characteristics, characteristics of behavior in nature, advice on home care, feeding, diseases, prices. Common Peacock, Blue or Indian Peacock- this magnificent representative of world animals has been known by everyone for a very long time. The stories, myths, and legends that hover over this beautiful bird are from ancient times from ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and...

Horse Hair, the Best Reflection of Its Care 0

Horse Hair, the Best Reflection of Its Care

The horse may be one of the animals representing the most elegance and beauty. That is why those who are lovers and owners want majestic animals. Horse hair is soft, shiny and a beautiful coat is necessary, including the mane and tail. Dr. Adriana Valencia, Veterinary Doctor, equine specialist, tells us that nothing better reflects horse hair health and nutritional status than its coat. Whatever it...