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BF Have-A-Heart Grazing Muzzle
5 of 5 Stars!(9) Reviews
BF Have-A-Heart Grazing Muzzle The Have-A-Heart has all the features and benefits of the BF Deluxe Grazing Muzzle plus: Noseband...

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BF Deluxe Horse Grazing Muzzle
4.44 of 5 Stars!(9) Reviews
BF Deluxe Horse Grazing Muzzle Best Buy & Editor's Choice by the Horse Journal The BF Deluxe grazing muzzle is our most...

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BF Soft Stall Muzzle $13.95
BF Soft Stall Muzzle Soft Stall Muzzles by Best Friend SALE: Buy 6 and get 20% OFF Designed for temporary or light-duty...

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BF Standard Horse Grazing Muzzle
4 of 5 Stars!(1) Reviews
BF Standard Horse Grazing Muzzle Best Buy & Editor's Choice by the Horse Journal The Standard Grazing Muzzle by Best Friend...

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BF Cribbing or Free-to-Eat Muzzle
5 of 5 Stars!(1) Reviews
BF Cribbing or Free-to-Eat Muzzle The ultra-lightweight aluminum grill, nylon webbing and padded noseband make the Best Friend...

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Sheepskin Products
3.67 of 5 Stars!(3) Reviews
Sheepskin Products Real Merino Sheepskin protects your horse's face during long hours in a muzzle. It provides...

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BF Muzzle Buffer
2.5 of 5 Stars!(2) Reviews
BF Muzzle Buffer The BF Muzzle Buffer is an alternative to using sheepskin for controlling rubbing from Grazing...

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BF Halter Cheek Savers $9.95
BF Halter Cheek Savers Keep metal rings off the sides of your horse's face to help prevent hair loss and/or sores . Good...

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Horse Halter Fleece Set
4 of 5 Stars!(1) Reviews
Horse Halter Fleece Set Synthetic fleece attaches to your halter or muzzle with velcro. Provides extra comfort and...

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BF Grazing Muzzle Plug $15.50
BF Grazing Muzzle Plug The Plug attachment used with a Best Friend Grazing Muzzle: Restricts all eating while allowing...

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BF Buckles for Grazing Muzzle $2.00
BF Buckles for Grazing Muzzle Replacement Buckles attach easily to the Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle without sewing. ...

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BF Horse Height/Weight Tape $2.95
BF Horse Height/Weight Tape Use the Height and Weight Tape to: Track your horse's height and weight. More accurately...

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BF Muzzle Mates $8.95
BF Muzzle Mates Package of two . Provide spot cushioning on the noseband for tender-faced horses without the...

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General Information

We are the horse muzzle experts!

Since 1996 Best Friend Grazing Muzzles have been recommended by hundreds of vets, equine professionals, respected publications and horse owners. Our horse muzzles have improved the lives of many horses (and owners) by allowing them to be horses and graze with their buddies rather than being confined to a stall. Our muzzles are the most effective, comfortable, safest and most durable horse muzzles on the market today.

In addition to the grazing muzzle, we also offer a lightweight cribbing muzzle and a soft stall muzzle. All our horse muzzles are available in a wide selection of sizes. Additionally, we have the accessories to go with the muzzles, such as Muzzle Mates, Cheek Savers, custom designed sheepskin padding, and replacement buckles.

Other Uses

  • Discouraging vices such as biting and cribbing
  • Preventing horse from eating bedding or biting bandages
  • Preventing unwanted behaviors while trailering
  • Preventing pasture from becoming overgrazed.
  • Breeding