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Horse feeding: 10 tips on horse feeding

Horse feeding is not as simple as feeding other animals. It is not that it is especially difficult, but you must take into account certain aspects to feed them correctly. Currently, there is a wide variety of food for horses, but it is essential to know that not just any food is good for your horse so that it has all its nutritional needs covered. If...

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Horse feed bag: Horse nutrition and feeding

Horses are part of the Equidae family and are within the order Perissodactyla. According to the scientific classification, the domestic equine is called Equus caballus. Now we discuss a proper horse feed bag. It is a mammal belonging to the order of the unpara digitated ungulates (they only have one finger on each limb). And it is part of the group of herbivores feeding mainly on...

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Salt stone: Salt stone for horses, are they necessary?

Thinking about the salt stone for your horse is like removing the leaves of a daisy: should I put it on it? Should I not put it on it?… You will have heard a thousand and one reasons, for and against, each so unconvincing that what happens is that for seasons you put it on and other times, you don’t, without any criteria. In Blog,...