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Little donkeys: features of the content

Little donkeys; history of the distribution and appearance of miniature donkeys; behavioral characteristics, diseases, care, maintenance, and use; and exciting facts. Purchase. As you know, people at critical moments of life often designate each other with the names of animals. Many people associate donkeys with qualities such as stubbornness and stupidity. It should note that such an unfair attitude of humanity toward these animals was a...

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Types of ducks

Types of ducks; what are the most common? The article provides information about species of ducks. Read what the maximum weight they can gain with proper care is. What egg production can they have? Do beginner owners often ask which ducks are more profitable to raise? There is no definite answer. It all depends on what you are going to get. We have many types of...

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Sichuan monkey: Subspecies of the Sichuan monkey

Sichuan monkey subspecies, range, appearance, habitat, lifestyle and behavior, nutrition, reproduction. Household items. On ancient Chinese silk prints, world-famous porcelain vases, stylized dragons, fantastic fish, and all kinds of unusual animals and birds, you can often find the image of a monkey with excellent color-gold wool and a blue muzzle. In China, this original creature has been called Sichuan since ancient times, which means “monkey with...